Kenny’s Higher Self




I got the idea to do a white tiger and started image searching. I saw right away when googling it a weird image that I assumed was photoshopped. So I kept looking and saw seemingly the same strange animal from different angles so i investigated, and ended up “meeting” Kenny. I did not know that all white tigers are inbred, but its true, and Kenny had facial deformities because of it. he was rescued by turpentine creek in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, my home state, where he lived out his life in happiness. the white tiger on the back of this necklace represents Kenny’s higher self, free from deformities and pain. I will donate 10% of the sale price of this necklace to turpentine creek.

The main stone is kunzite over abalone and garnet. left to right below are orange sapphire, aquamarine, citrine, topaz, and tanzanite. 



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New Necklaces

“Pieces of Eight”

After some distress and 2 cracked stones, all better. Persian turquoise replaced the hemimorphite with the patience of a monk! It’s not the same, yet still beautiful.  I tried it with all different colors of stones that randomly would fit into that setting. I almost went orange/translucent, but I didn’t want the symmetry. It was a tough call to go with an opaque stone, but it was the only choice I had that looked remotely decent. oh well! It’s done now! Today I hope to finish the other one. I’ve also laid out stones for two more “Pieces of Eight” necklaces.

  • moonstone
  • apatite, fire opal, apatite
  • carnelian, carnelian, Persian turquoise
  •  jelly opal

New Rings

owl sidecrop

New Earrings

Tiny Custom Earrings

These are displayed on a miniature cup, and are only about as big as a penny. These are a custom order made of blue tourmaline, apatite, blue topaz, silver….I was given the direction that they should be sparkly and turquoise. The one with the heart is for the left ear, the other is for the right ear, yin and yang.



Scorpion in silver and pink tourmaline.